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Noah Strong Foundation



It all started when…Noah was born. 

Addiction is a seed within. Watered, fertilized, it grows strong. We try to pull the weed from their soul but taken root before we know it becomes a tree. We try to chop the tree down but the roots have gone deep, festering truth. We seek to spray the leaves, heal the body, but the disease began in the mind, and this is where the cure must begin.  

Noah was 16 when he first smoked pot behind the shed at his private tennis school. Destined for greatness, my son found the weed that lied to his soul. Bandaging his anxiety, the drug told him that he was funnier, more handsome, more successful if he used. Becoming his life support, the drug stole his true character, burning his self-worth that it promised to give. Fast forward three years and Noah was admitted to the hospital, scheduled for open heart surgery to save his life from his heroin addiction. Tennis gone, friends gone, school and work non-existent, he'd sold everything for his drug. This is the path of an addict. 

Today, Noah is alive, a miracle. Living in St. Paul, MInnesota, he attended Hazelden. Sober in sober living, he goes forward.

Noah Strong Foundation is built upon the lives of those who live. Those who fight this morbid disease attacking the brain that few understand. Noah Strong believes in genius. The addict spirit connected to the Infinite Spirit is genius. Given to humankind, the drug kidnaps genius. Noah Strong seeks to help the addict and their families understand their greatness, get healing, and recover becoming stronger than before. 

Here are the three main things Noah Strong Foundation will do. 

!. Create and grant scholarships to families that can't afford to send their child to rehab. 

2. Lobby to get insurance policies changed for more monies and longer stays to addicts needing rehab.

3. Partner with medicine to find new healing methods for the addicts brain via the vagus nerve. 

Please give here if you feel led.