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Shelley Steinley is in high demand as a faux painter in the Austin areas. 


shelley steinley [Artist/Designer]

"Inside you there's an artist you didn't know about. Say yes quickly, if you've known it from the beginning of the Universe."  -Rumi

I paint.

I'm an interior artist. I have re-designed rooms, houses, offices and restaurants. I have a BA in fine art and am schooled in all types of faux finishing. My style is a mix of old world and contemporary. I can create any wall, texture, color and style.

I'm also an artist of the soul. I create mixed media art on wood or canvas panels. I use inspirational quotes and images to bring physical beauty and uplifting messages to your home or office space. Custom work is available. 

I'm a runner and triathlete. I've run the Boston marathon twice and completed two Ironman. I have four children and a dog, Finn.

I've chosen to make my blog very personal. 

When you hire me, I promise to be an original artist working for you, using my talent and skills, giving back in hopes of creating something exceptionally beautiful.

xo Shelley



Faux painting


cabinetry /Custom finishes

Painted 'cabinets, Distressed Cabinets, Glazed cabinets, Gilded cabinets, Contemporary Cabinets


Ceilings/powder Baths/Dining Rooms

Lusterstone, Metallic Plaster, Venetian Plaster, Faux Finishing, Glazing, Stenciling, Color Layering, Color washes 


Walls/ All Finishes

Add paint, faux finishing, lime washes, venetian plaster, Lusterstone, stenciling, or any custom finish. Sometimes people find a photo on Pintrest and want to create the look. I can do that.   


Stenciling/Venetian Plaster 

All over wall stencils create the look of wallpaper. Used as an accent wall, in the baby's nursery, a powder bath or behind the bed in the master, creates elegance and drama.  


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