Shelley Steinley Design


Watching Nature

Above all else guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

Today I saw a hummingbird. She hummed in and winged mid-air on my patio while I sat on my glider, Finn alongside. In the quiet hours of the morning as I spoke my intentions, affirmations, love, she presented herself.

Hummingbird– able to move swiftly, quickly, on a dime, small in size but able to travel great distances. Her graceful and quick movements are symbolic of accomplishing goals quickly and effectively, adapting instantly according to life.

I’m trying to listen to God in all ways. See how the Universe speaks. I have this thing with birds recently–Eagle, Cardinal, now Hummingbird. Fascinating I find it studying nature, learning how I can become more like them.   

The animals don’t have to think how to be, they just are. We get to choose how to become. Listen to the God-power today. Ask for understanding, believe you have received what you’ve asked for, and then go forth watching nature.

shelley steinley