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today xo

Today I go to Houston, to visit Noah. He's been at rehab for 12 days. 

Please pray that he will stay. Pray he wants healing, that he will seek recovery, and call out to his higher power for help. 

 I don't know how he's doing. 

His counselor called two days ago. I'm struggling, because I don't like her. I didn't know Noah was on the phone,  we were on speaker, there was music in the background. She cut me off, forced us to hang up, when I was talking to him, when I realized he was there. 

"That's okay, Shelley." my girlfriend said. "He needs someone who's tough and won't bend the rules." It's not really that. But, I'll go with it. 

Is he depressed? I don't know. He's lethargic, the counselor said. 

Today I see him from 1-6 pm, tomorrow I take him to a new cardiologist in Houston. 

I get to see my son.  

What a great day! 




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